Whitework Series

11 Dec

I Will Not Be Able To Forgive You

I Will Destroy Everything

I Never Liked You Anyway

I Will Just Grow To Resent You

You can see the entire series of 26 here

Art Show! Whitework!

18 Nov

A small peek at the series I am working on for my upcoming show. If  you are into semi-depressing whitework pieces, then make sure you make it out and check out all 28 of them. Oh, and monsters, there will be monsters.




The show is December 3rd at Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Austin, TX.  There is a ton of bands playing,  and the amazing art of Don Jolly, Max McDermott, Kye Flint, and Brian John. Come out. It will be fun! I’ll be around there somewhere, hiding.

Don and Max’s Incredible Art Show

Event on facebook


MST3K Embroidery

16 Oct

This weekend was one of my closest friend’s birthday. We usually spend one night a week watching Mystery Science Theater together. He has been requesting that I embroider these for him for awhile now and I have refused. Mostly because they have been done before. Also I just kept thinking that I would have to bust out the metallic floss to do them correctly and that made me want to cry.  I decided to forgo the glitter floss, keep them to simple line drawings and make his dreams come true. Happy birthday, B-star! I hope I didn’t disappoint.

Robot Roll Call





Portrait Winner

16 Jul

Thank you all so much for taking the time to enter and for all the lovely comments.
The winner was #222 – Karen Farley. I am so excited to get started.

Yay! Portrait Giveaway

4 Jul

So, I am doing a blog giveaway…I don’t know…it seemed like fun…all the cool kids were doing it.

If you would like an embroidered portrait of yourself  (by me),  then here is your chance.  Just leave a comment through July 15th and I will choose a winner at random.

portrait tile

I will announce the winner on July 16th.

These portraits can take over a month so you will have to allow me a bit of time after I receive your photo.  I do ask that the winner have a fairly clear and close photo of themselves (or just about anyone, I guess, it’s your prize) from the shoulders up to send.

You can also enter by liking the CPWF page on Facebook.

New Tesla Portrait + Art Show

30 Jun

I heard there was a call for Nikola Tesla themed art for an upcoming show, and I thought of the Tesla portrait I had embroidered several years ago…and then was completely embarrassed by the idea of it. It was the first needlework portrait I had done and it makes me cringe now. So, I whipped this new one out just in time.
Nikola Tesla

Tesla Shirt Detail 2

Tesla Hair Detail

If you are in the Austin area, you should come out to this Tesla birthday celebration and art show on July 9th. It is going to be awesome. I will be around there somewhere.
The Tesla Project

ArtFire Store

5 May

I’ve been busy putting my ArtFire store together. It is all up and running now, so if you’d like to buy one of my pieces it is now quick and easy to do.

I’m getting ready to go off to Prague, but when I get back (the last week of May) I will be doing a blog giveaway. One lucky person will get an embroidered portrait of themselves (or whoever they choose, I suppose.) I will have all the details then, but I am really excited about it.

I’m just about to send off my April Winchell portrait for a Regretsy Charity Auction.  That should be coming up  soon as well.  So much to look forward to.

Long Distance Valentine

14 Feb

Out of all the valentines I embroidered I did have one favorite.

Long Distance Valentine 2

Western Detail

Texas Detail

Text Detail

Jennifer Vs. Valentine’s Day

10 Feb

I have always disliked Valentine’s Day.  It has nothing to do with being single, even when I have been in relationships, much to most of my past boyfriends’ relief,  I have had no interest in celebrating it – mostly for the usual reasons people hate the holiday. But this year I decided to not be such a spoilsport. I made valentines for anyone who was interested in receiving one although I insisted they all be mailed. I had originally planned on making some simple paper cards but I am obviously incapable of making anything easy and before I knew it I was making valentine embroideries for everyone.   I don’t really feel comfortable in the realms of cute and romantic, so I did my best but ended up with a bit of a science/anatomical/nerd overtone in most of them.

Cuttle Valentine

Tandem valentine

Heart Valentine

Stomach Valentine

Brain Valentine

Luke Haynes Quilts

25 Jan

I recently came across the work of Seattle based quilt artist Luke Haynes.  I am completely obsessed with how amazing his work is.

[On my bed #3] 2010

[Commissions #10] United Notions detail 2

[Gifts #6] Ya'll come back ya hear


If you’ll be in the Seattle area on Febuary 3rd, you should probably swing by Gallery LUKE to see his work and this awesome show.

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