Applique Project Pt 1

14 Mar

I’ve been very busy working on projects lately. I have a new job that enables me to spend more time working on stuff I want to do. I get home at 2:30pm now. So I spend less time partying and more time crafting. I’ve finished quite a few cross stitches that I will post once I get them back from framing.

This week I starting some applique projects. So like always, I have to teach myself some new skills. This time it’s applique and embroidery. Its going very well.

I picked up some fabric stiffening spray at the fabric store. So I’ve been spraying several coats of the spray on, letting it dry in between (I use a hairdryer because I am very impatient.) The spay prevents fraying and makes the cut outs very easy to work with. If you use a few coats it also lets you make sharp corners when folding the seams.

I also grabbed a ton of awesome broadcloth pieces out of the remanent bin.




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