Yarn Stuff

19 Mar

My mother has been crocheting most of her life, she learned knit as a child. She stole her first pair of knitting needles so she could take lessons. She then taught herself to crochet as a teenager, the book she learned out of didn’t explain how to hold a crocheting hook, so she holds hers like she’s knitting. All my life I remember her always having some project she was working on, usually an afghan. Every couple of years I got to pick out colors for a new one. I mark the years in some of my childhood memories by which blanket was on the family room couch at the time. She also made a tiny coat, bonnet and booties for everyone she knows who has ever had a baby. Sometimes even people she didn’t know.

Since my mother started her chemo and radiation treatments last year she hasn’t been able to crochet. It broke my heart that at a time when she so badly needed comfort the two activities she adores so much (reading being the other) were robbed of her by the treatments.

Last week she started crocheting again. My cousin just had a baby and my sister-in-law just found out she’s pregnant, and my mom just had to make sure those babies had some beautiful little homemade layettes. She’s much slower than she used to be because the neuropathy in her hands prevents her from being able to feel the thread. I know that is really frustrating for her, but I’m sure she’ll find a new rhythm eventually. It just makes me so happy to see her doing something she loves again.

I’ve never learned to crochet past the first line. I’m thinking about trying to give it a shot again. I haven’t tried since elementary school, but I have a better understanding of tension now so it might not be as frustrating as I remember.

I consider myself lucky when I get a stack of these little kitchen towels she makes from the left over yarn from her projects. She usually uses them as dish towels. I can’t stand the feel of wet yarn, so I always use mine as trivets. Well, the thicker ones end up as pot holders too. They are awesome. The photos are of some of the ones I found hanging out around the house.




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