Lemon Cupcakes

29 Mar

I’m still making a lot of cupcakes.

I tried something new this time. I wanted to make lemon cupcakes with a lemon pudding filling. After some poking around, looking at different cake recipes, I decided I didn’t want to scoop out the middle as I was sure I would end up mangling the cakes too badly. But I came up with an idea…yes…an idea. I made the cupcake batter and scooped a little bit in each paper, then I put about a teaspoon of lemon pudding in the center (I just used an instant pudding mix that I prepared and chilled.) Then filled the rest of each cup with batter. The plan worked…kind of.

The pudding created a hollow center of each cupcake, with a small neat hole on top where the pudding escaped. This is good. I was able to then just squeeze pudding into the center with a pastry bag. The bad part…there was also a larger unintended hole at the bottom of the cake, making for some messy if not delicious eating. I may try putting the bit of putting closer to the top next time. Maybe that will create the opposite effect, but my math might be off…



I just used a pre-made vanilla icing, I really need to invest in a hand-mixer. I find store bought icings too sweet.

Then I candied some lemon peel. I just used the left over lemon peel, boiled them in water for 5 min. rinsed with cold water. Then I scraped off the pith, which was much easier after they were cooked. I then stuck the peel in a 1/2 water, 1/2 sugar mixer and boiled for 10 min. Pulled them out and packed them in sugar overnight.


Except the bottom issue, I was pleased with the results. Gooey, lemony, yummy- yummy cupcakes and a gummy sugary lemon topping.

I also learned that my kitchen is not a good place to take photos. Overhead lighting is bad, very, very bad


One Response to “Lemon Cupcakes”

  1. Jennifer Ellis April 8, 2008 at 9:06 am #

    Ok, the candied lemon pieces took it over the top. Seriously Martha Stewart, you are amazing. And I want to eat all of these … in one sitting … like maybe now. Yum.

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