Crochet Circle Scarves

15 Mar

I’ve picked up crocheting in the last month. I figured that I needed yet another fiber based hobby to spend all my time and money on. My mother has been crocheting for my entire life and I waited until she moved half-way across the country to pick up the craft myself. I spend a ton of time calling her and trying to explain stitches and snags I am running across to her over the phone. She does her best to help but it is something easier done in person.

My first three projects were scarves. After completing a very basic long double-crochet scarf with fringe, I made these two loop scarves with a very basic V-stitch.  I didn’t find any instructions on making a loop (or circle) scarf, so I just made a very  long straight scarf  and sewed the two ends together. I flipped it over on one end before attaching so that it would lay nicely in the back.

This bulky brown tweedy one was actually the second I made. They are both wool and  I had absolutely no business spending as much as I need on these yarns with my skill level. I bought two skeins of each, but the scarves only used one apiece.



This white one ended up being a bit too long to keep my neck very warm but it is pretty none the less and so very soft. It’s merino with a touch of cashmere.



I have found several yarn stores here in Austin that are amazing:
Hill Country Weavers
and The Knitting Nest

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One Response to “Crochet Circle Scarves”

  1. rachel @ boots in the oven March 21, 2009 at 9:36 am #

    Those scarves are beautiful – they look so soft and warm, and the winter white is downright elegant. I’m glad to see you posting again!

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