Robot Vs Dinosaur!

21 Mar

My friend Maddie and I have spent a bunch of our time making this merch case for The Van Buren Boys. They are close friends of hers and I am easily recruited for large craft projects, especially with one of my favorite people. I forgot what it is like to collaborate on a project. It has been a very long time, but since it was Maddie’s baby, I made a lot of  suggestions but didn’t push for anything.

Maddie found this suitcase at Room Service, one of my favorite vintage stores in town. 


We ripped out the inner lining and used spray adhesive to attach a new fabric. We left in the original purple ruffles. Maddie was worried it was going to be too girly with the rest of the plan, but in the end I am sure she was happy we left it in.


The shelf was probably the biggest pain. It is made out of balsa wood. We wanted to put some fancy, ornate trim for the edge, but we couldn’t find anything affordable. Walking around the craft-store I spotted some cording for upholstery and we glued that on the edge and the spray painted the whole thing gold. It is not exactly what I had in mind, but it works…it’s better than the plain edge.


I whipped out a cross-stitch for the sign, and Maddie crocheted a background for it.


This robot versus dinosaur diorama was the second most fun. I love fun. Maddie was so cute, she kept stressing that no one would recognize that they were fighting. I had to keep reassuring her that when robots and dinosaurs are together, they are automatically fighting. I stand by that.

We made the background with polymer clay. Maddie made the palm trees and I made the volcano.  It is hard to see in the picture but Maddie found glitter red clay for the lava. Yay!



We were originally going to make the prices sign match the band sign, but we didn’t. We made photo corned with fabric instead. 


I love the Martin Van Buren portrait. I love the frame we found for it. I love the gold paint. Love.




We already have more requests for merch cases.

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