Some of My Favorite Inventors: Embroidery

25 Aug

I decided to do these inventor portraits awhile ago. I think they are some of my favorite things I’ve ever done.
I decided on Nikola Tesla, Robert Moog, Leon Theremin and Thaddeus Cahill. It seems that many people are not so familiar with the Telharmonium but I have been fascinated with Cahill’s story for some time now.



I think researching eye color was the most hilarious part. We learn that Telsa claims to have lighted his eyes with the power of his mind and stumbled across some document by some chick with a serious Moog crush going on and on about his eyes…girls.

Before I started on these portraits I had never heard about Leon Theremin’s involvement in Cold War espionage.  I was surprised to learn he had received the Satlin prize for advancement in Soviet espionage technology and his biggest coup, The Thing.


I did these all cotton/ rayon on cotton. I drew out the portraits from some classics. The majority of each piece is done with a basic chain stitch except for some detail work, like eyes.

Coming soon: Tesla vs Edison. Fight!

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