Art Show – Twin Peaks

16 Oct

My art opening is coming up on October 24th , thats next Saturday. It’s at Blackerby Violin , located at 1111 W. Anderson LN.

Also Exhibiting; Don Jolly with original pages of  his comics SUBHUMANOID and FARLAX the LAST ELF, Max McDermott with paintings and Katie Pipkin with her exploration on Breathing, featuring painting, drawing and violin sculptures.

The show is at 6pm to midnight, there will be free beer and food and live performances by RADIOLA, the country power of MOUTHWASH PICKETT, and the triumphant on-stage return of  THE FAT MAN and TEAM FAT – Austin’s legendary videogame sound designer.

Its should be a ton of fun, so if you’re in Austin you should swing by and check it out. If you cant make it the show will be moving to the Flightpath  for the entire month of November.

The Incredible Art Show IV

I am exhibiting the Twin Peaks portraits I have been working on like a mad woman the last month. Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but if it doesn’t involve a needle and thread  or making coffee then I haven’t been doing it. These portraits have become all consuming

Here is The Man From Another Place
The Man From Another Place

Be on the look out for Leland, Nadine, Cooper, Audrey, Donna, and James. I am currently finishing up oversized embroideries of The Giant, Killer BOB, Laura Palmer and The Log Lady. If your favorite character isn’t here then don’t fret, it is coming soon.
I will have pictures up as soon as the art show craziness is over and I have a moment to take pictures and get them all loaded.

I will also have a plethora of my Mustache Beer Cozies for sale at the show, so you should probably pick on up for yourself. Don’t have a mustache? You don’t want to be left out. Already have a mustache? Well, it’s being hidden by that beer can…and we can’t have that.



4 Responses to “Art Show – Twin Peaks”

  1. Rachell October 28, 2009 at 9:04 am #

    i sent the other chick an email! i want one of your embroideries. it’s imperative that i buy one! please contact me asap!

  2. Nick December 8, 2009 at 11:53 pm #

    Uh, yeah, not to give the comments too strong of a theme here, but would it be possible to buy “The Man From Another Place”? I’m not sure if I could afford it anyway but I’d be interested in finding out. Thanks!

  3. How's Annie? April 25, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    Being a huge Twin Peaks fan, I really enjoyed looking at all of your Twin Peaks-themed embroideries. It’s great to see all forms of media mixed with the wonder that is Twin Peaks!



  4. Kate July 15, 2010 at 7:28 pm #

    Your twin peak embroidery pieces are absolutely wonderful !

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