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Art Show – Twin Peaks

16 Oct

My art opening is coming up on October 24th , thats next Saturday. It’s at Blackerby Violin , located at 1111 W. Anderson LN.

Also Exhibiting; Don Jolly with original pages of  his comics SUBHUMANOID and FARLAX the LAST ELF, Max McDermott with paintings and Katie Pipkin with her exploration on Breathing, featuring painting, drawing and violin sculptures.

The show is at 6pm to midnight, there will be free beer and food and live performances by RADIOLA, the country power of MOUTHWASH PICKETT, and the triumphant on-stage return of  THE FAT MAN and TEAM FAT – Austin’s legendary videogame sound designer.

Its should be a ton of fun, so if you’re in Austin you should swing by and check it out. If you cant make it the show will be moving to the Flightpath  for the entire month of November.

The Incredible Art Show IV

I am exhibiting the Twin Peaks portraits I have been working on like a mad woman the last month. Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but if it doesn’t involve a needle and thread  or making coffee then I haven’t been doing it. These portraits have become all consuming

Here is The Man From Another Place
The Man From Another Place

Be on the look out for Leland, Nadine, Cooper, Audrey, Donna, and James. I am currently finishing up oversized embroideries of The Giant, Killer BOB, Laura Palmer and The Log Lady. If your favorite character isn’t here then don’t fret, it is coming soon.
I will have pictures up as soon as the art show craziness is over and I have a moment to take pictures and get them all loaded.

I will also have a plethora of my Mustache Beer Cozies for sale at the show, so you should probably pick on up for yourself. Don’t have a mustache? You don’t want to be left out. Already have a mustache? Well, it’s being hidden by that beer can…and we can’t have that.



Beer Cozy

15 Aug

I have been cranking out these beer cozies. The design was super simple to make. I just crocheted in the round until it reached the desired size,  then crocheted out a tube from there. When the idea hit me, it was the middle of the night and the only wool yarn I had in the house was a Merino/Cashmere blend. So as silly as it is, the first few are cashmere beer cozies. Hilarious.

So I finished  a few of the luxe ones up and headed to Miss Maddie’s house. A case of Lonestar cans awaited me. We needed to test out the effectiveness of the wool to truly keep our beer cold. And what better way then an all night summer drinking session on a hot Texas porch? They were perfect…ice cold till the end. I am okay with Lonestar. It’s decent enough for a super cheap beer, but I think it completely unpalatable once it has warmed up at all.

Maddie was totally in love with the color of the ones I brought over and requested a hummingbird on hers


I have been making them non-stop ever since I finished hanging my current show. I am hoping to have quite a few for sale at the opening on the 22nd.

I like this “I love Math” one a ton!



The Flightpath show has been a success for me so far. I’ve sold a few pieces. I did have one piece stolen out of its frame. I am pretty upset about it.  It was the pink and blue skull handkerchief from my last post. I had it framed without glass and mounted with spray mount and dress pins on a white fabric so that the details of the embroidery and the loveliness of the hankie edges are on display. Someone just stole it right off of the frame. It makes me a bit nervous because I almost never use glass for the framing of my needlework pieces, as I don’t want all my stitching effort squished all flat. The Flightpath was dismayed, in 17 years of art shows they have never had a piece damaged or stolen. Several people have tried to cheer me up by saying that I should be flattered. I appreciate their efforts, but I am not flattered. I would be less upset if someone stole $150 out of my wallet. Boo.

I need to start working on pieces for my next show at the end of October with Don Jolly and friends. I don’t have all the details quite yet. There will be info up soon at The Incredible Art Show.

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Crochet Skulls

19 Apr

I’ve been working on some valances for my windows made of connected rows of these adorable cotton crocheted skulls

two pretty skulls

For some reason these are easily the most annoying pieces I’ve ever blocked. You really had to work on pinning them correctly to get the look you want on the skull’s face, its quite simple to mess up and get something too goofy.

pinned down

White crochet skull

I’ve crocheted and blocked about thirty of these skulls in varying shades of off white. I’m still working out the pattern that allows them lay correctly when they are attached. My first attempt was no good, I underestimated how much the weight of the yarn would pull down and distort the skulls. I need to create a solid top with hooks. It shouldn’t be long now

lots of skulls

I’m very excited…I’ve decided to open an etsy shop. So, start saving your pennies to purchase my prettys. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

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Robot Vs Dinosaur!

21 Mar

My friend Maddie and I have spent a bunch of our time making this merch case for The Van Buren Boys. They are close friends of hers and I am easily recruited for large craft projects, especially with one of my favorite people. I forgot what it is like to collaborate on a project. It has been a very long time, but since it was Maddie’s baby, I made a lot of  suggestions but didn’t push for anything.

Maddie found this suitcase at Room Service, one of my favorite vintage stores in town. 


We ripped out the inner lining and used spray adhesive to attach a new fabric. We left in the original purple ruffles. Maddie was worried it was going to be too girly with the rest of the plan, but in the end I am sure she was happy we left it in.


The shelf was probably the biggest pain. It is made out of balsa wood. We wanted to put some fancy, ornate trim for the edge, but we couldn’t find anything affordable. Walking around the craft-store I spotted some cording for upholstery and we glued that on the edge and the spray painted the whole thing gold. It is not exactly what I had in mind, but it works…it’s better than the plain edge.


I whipped out a cross-stitch for the sign, and Maddie crocheted a background for it.


This robot versus dinosaur diorama was the second most fun. I love fun. Maddie was so cute, she kept stressing that no one would recognize that they were fighting. I had to keep reassuring her that when robots and dinosaurs are together, they are automatically fighting. I stand by that.

We made the background with polymer clay. Maddie made the palm trees and I made the volcano.  It is hard to see in the picture but Maddie found glitter red clay for the lava. Yay!



We were originally going to make the prices sign match the band sign, but we didn’t. We made photo corned with fabric instead. 


I love the Martin Van Buren portrait. I love the frame we found for it. I love the gold paint. Love.




We already have more requests for merch cases.

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Crochet Circle Scarves

15 Mar

I’ve picked up crocheting in the last month. I figured that I needed yet another fiber based hobby to spend all my time and money on. My mother has been crocheting for my entire life and I waited until she moved half-way across the country to pick up the craft myself. I spend a ton of time calling her and trying to explain stitches and snags I am running across to her over the phone. She does her best to help but it is something easier done in person.

My first three projects were scarves. After completing a very basic long double-crochet scarf with fringe, I made these two loop scarves with a very basic V-stitch.  I didn’t find any instructions on making a loop (or circle) scarf, so I just made a very  long straight scarf  and sewed the two ends together. I flipped it over on one end before attaching so that it would lay nicely in the back.

This bulky brown tweedy one was actually the second I made. They are both wool and  I had absolutely no business spending as much as I need on these yarns with my skill level. I bought two skeins of each, but the scarves only used one apiece.



This white one ended up being a bit too long to keep my neck very warm but it is pretty none the less and so very soft. It’s merino with a touch of cashmere.



I have found several yarn stores here in Austin that are amazing:
Hill Country Weavers
and The Knitting Nest

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