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Your Future Lies Smoldering At The Feet Of The Robots

5 Sep

This is another nightmare with the glitter embroidery floss. I love the finish product but it took me forever. Every stitch was an argument. I thought working with the glitter floss was rough going when I was doing embroidery, but it was nothing compared to trying to wrestle it through 18 count cross stitch fabric.


Those of you who were In/Humanity fans or just hate robots, will appreciate the quote.  Once again, the sampler motif comes through for the classic grandma feeling.


My favorite part is the “Blip Bop Beep Boop” line towards the bottom. Not everyone notices it, but I think it is such a funny detail.


Crochet Circle Scarves

15 Mar

I’ve picked up crocheting in the last month. I figured that I needed yet another fiber based hobby to spend all my time and money on. My mother has been crocheting for my entire life and I waited until she moved half-way across the country to pick up the craft myself. I spend a ton of time calling her and trying to explain stitches and snags I am running across to her over the phone. She does her best to help but it is something easier done in person.

My first three projects were scarves. After completing a very basic long double-crochet scarf with fringe, I made these two loop scarves with a very basic V-stitch.  I didn’t find any instructions on making a loop (or circle) scarf, so I just made a very  long straight scarf  and sewed the two ends together. I flipped it over on one end before attaching so that it would lay nicely in the back.

This bulky brown tweedy one was actually the second I made. They are both wool and  I had absolutely no business spending as much as I need on these yarns with my skill level. I bought two skeins of each, but the scarves only used one apiece.



This white one ended up being a bit too long to keep my neck very warm but it is pretty none the less and so very soft. It’s merino with a touch of cashmere.



I have found several yarn stores here in Austin that are amazing:
Hill Country Weavers
and The Knitting Nest

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Pirate Napkins

13 Apr

I just finished another batch of napkins. I decided to go with a skull and crossbones applique for this print. They were much faster than my sacred heart batch, but the only embroidery on them is the whip-stitch around the applique and the teeth. There really is not much to say about them but they were fun and I like the results.


Today I’m making my own cookie cutters and brewing my first batch of beer!

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