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Jennifer Vs. Valentine’s Day

10 Feb

I have always disliked Valentine’s Day.  It has nothing to do with being single, even when I have been in relationships, much to most of my past boyfriends’ relief,  I have had no interest in celebrating it – mostly for the usual reasons people hate the holiday. But this year I decided to not be such a spoilsport. I made valentines for anyone who was interested in receiving one although I insisted they all be mailed. I had originally planned on making some simple paper cards but I am obviously incapable of making anything easy and before I knew it I was making valentine embroideries for everyone.   I don’t really feel comfortable in the realms of cute and romantic, so I did my best but ended up with a bit of a science/anatomical/nerd overtone in most of them.

Cuttle Valentine

Tandem valentine

Heart Valentine

Stomach Valentine

Brain Valentine


Anatomy Lessons

19 Aug

I have a weird interest in medical drawings. I especially am interested in medieval anatomy illustrations Anyway I have spent some time recently looking at some of my anatomy books and was inspired to start on a new embroidery series.

I made this digestive tract piece first. I am not sure why I think it is so funny. I like making things that send me into fits of giggles periodically while I am working. I think it may be throwing up blood, but maybe it is a speech bubble that needs filled.  Any ideas?



I made this heart which I simply used a cotton/rayon blend embroidery floss on some cotton broadcloth using a simple modified backstitch. I cut it out and pinned it on some pretty cotton fabric that I dug out of a remnants bin years ago.

AnatomyHeart Emb

Well, there is a nervous system that needs completed…

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