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MST3K Embroidery

16 Oct

This weekend was one of my closest friend’s birthday. We usually spend one night a week watching Mystery Science Theater together. He has been requesting that I embroider these for him for awhile now and I have refused. Mostly because they have been done before. Also I just kept thinking that I would have to bust out the metallic floss to do them correctly and that made me want to cry.  I decided to forgo the glitter floss, keep them to simple line drawings and make his dreams come true. Happy birthday, B-star! I hope I didn’t disappoint.

Robot Roll Call





Long Distance Valentine

14 Feb

Out of all the valentines I embroidered I did have one favorite.

Long Distance Valentine 2

Western Detail

Texas Detail

Text Detail

Self Portrait with Tentacle

28 Oct

In the past few months while working on this self portrait series I started researching for an upcoming project of embroidered hentai, so I ended up viewing a whole lot of tentacle pornography.  No. Really. A lot.  Anyone who has ever delved into that world has surely seen the classic japanese woodcut,  The Dream of The Fisherman’s Wife.  While not the most original, I do enjoy my take on devouring instead of being penetrated by the monster.

I had a lot of fun making the appliqued tentacle. The face is embroidered, washed with watercolor pencils and then appliqued.  I am starting an applique series of industrial accidents, so I am super excited about the fun of applique. I absolutely love embroidery and it is my first passion, but my pieces take so very long that applique is a refreshingly (and comparatively) quick respite from the sometimes tedious work of detailed needle art.

Tentacle Applique

Tentacle Applique (mouth detail)

Self Portrait Series Pt 2: Log Lady

27 Oct

I am still recovering from the last minute stresses of my show this past weekend, but I managed to get some photos taken of the pieces.
Even though I keep trying to swear off Twin Peaks inspired embroidery, I find myself here, yet again. I did a series of self portraits and still somehow worked it in.


Self Portrait as The Log Lady

Also the obligatory detail shots, because they are like stitch-porn to me.


Self as The Log Lady (face detail)


Self as The Log Lady (log detail)

Art Show: Embroidered Self-Portraits

19 Oct

I have been working on a series of self-portraits in embroidery and applique for my upcoming show.

Here is a sneak peak of one of those pieces.  My self portrait as two marabou storks. It is a simple outline in backstitch. I originally started it because, as always, I decided to experiment with new techniques for the series at the last minute and found myself a bit behind. I needed some work I could complete within a reasonable amount of time to show along with my more complex portraits. However, I really love it.

Self-portrait as two Marabou Storks

Self-portrait as two Marabou Storks Detail

So if you will be in the Austin area on October 23rd you should swing by the show. Also presenting the art of the amazing Don Jolly, Max McDermott, and Justin Prince.  Live music by The Fractals, Ben Pickett, Quin Galavis, Radiola and SPENCE! There will be tons of food and wine provided but you are welcome to BYOB. 3701 Werner, the third street East of IH-35 on 38th 1/2 street. Doors at 4pm.

More info at Incredible Art Show 6

Twelve Ways to Sunday

14 Sep

I was lucky enough to be asked to embroider the art for the movie poster of the amazing documentary Twelve Ways to Sunday by the wonderful Anna Farrell.  Anna came across my Twin Peaks portraits on Feeling Stitchy and got in touch with me through my blog (seriously, I can’t believe how awesome this is.)  It took about four months to do and I recently finished up this project.  I can’t explain how much I love this piece. These photos are mostly in progress shots and Anna sent me a photo of the entire finished piece.

Please go check out Twelve Ways to Sunday. It is worth it,  I promise. There will be posters and such for sale and word on the street is that there will be a limited edition fabric print.

The premier is in NYC on Sept. 22 as part of the Rooftop Film series.  So, if you are in there area you should go check it out. If not, I am sure I will be keeping everyone abreast on future screenings, as I am so excited about this.

Rita Close


Mary Detail

Greg 2

Fred Detail

Sandra Detail


Twelve Ways To Sunday

Stumpwork Banners Pt 1

3 Aug

When I started my first few attempts at stumpwork for my last art show I seriously had no idea what I was getting myself into. I started off with some zombie pieces that ended up being so complex that I am still working on them 5 months later…with no end in site. When I finished my first few needle lace trees I honestly cried because it was so slow and frustrating. While I eventually got faster at making needle lace, I would by no means say I’ve mastered it. The banners I ended up showing are mostly wired needlelace, they also included applique, traditional embroidery and hand beading (I had never beaded either, ugg.) Here are some details of of the first banner, the center oval containing the skeleton measures roughly 1’X2′.

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner Detail3

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner Detail4

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner Detail1

Robot Napkins

4 Jun

I made these napkins a few months ago for the wedding of Annie Bradley and Mercury McCall.  They approached me about making some napkins with a robot holding a heart embroidered on them and I, of course, was flattered and immediately  accepted.  They picked out the fabric and I got to work.


After a few attempts embroidering onto the napkin itself, I decided the best way would be an applique.  So I started sewing napkins and embroidering robots and attaching appliques.



Their wedding looked like tons of fun and I hear the napkins were a big hit.  Congratulations!
If you would like to check out their art you can find it at Annie Bradley Art.  Word on the street is that they may be working on an animation of one of my favorite plays, “Ubu Roi” by Alfred Jarry.  I would like to encourage them to continue.  You should too.

Birds Pt 1

3 Jun

A year or so ago I was perusing Joe Milutis’s amazing blog New Jersey as an Impossible Object and came across this video.  I found it riveting and starting looking into bird mnemonics…you know, for fun.  I recently starting thinking about them again and embroidering birds.  I hope to start a project combining embroidery and mnemonics, but that will have to wait.  In the meantime here is an Eastern Bluebird that I finished up.

Eastern Blue Bird Head Detail

Eastern Blue Bird Tail Detail

Eastern Blue Bird Foot Detail

Bird Brooch

18 Feb

I finally got a new laptop after mine bit the dust in December. I need to send apologies to everyone who had tried to contact me about purchasing pieces, but without a computer I was prevented from getting back in touch.

I have been busy making things but I have to say I don’t feel I am as productive with out this blog hanging over my head. It really seems to motivate me to finish things faster so I can share…crazy.

I recently have been embroidering tons of birds. It started by making an embroidered reproduction of my current favorite brooch, which I had purchased at Giant Robot in Los Angeles several years ago. The artist is Sarah Rara. It is make of wood and I cracked it a few months ago, which made me very sad. I decided to remake it in cloth for myself as I could not find the same one for purchase again, here is some of her others.



I still need to finish the edges and put a backing on it. I love it, though.

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