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Stumpwork Banners Pt 1

3 Aug

When I started my first few attempts at stumpwork for my last art show I seriously had no idea what I was getting myself into. I started off with some zombie pieces that ended up being so complex that I am still working on them 5 months later…with no end in site. When I finished my first few needle lace trees I honestly cried because it was so slow and frustrating. While I eventually got faster at making needle lace, I would by no means say I’ve mastered it. The banners I ended up showing are mostly wired needlelace, they also included applique, traditional embroidery and hand beading (I had never beaded either, ugg.) Here are some details of of the first banner, the center oval containing the skeleton measures roughly 1’X2′.

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner Detail3

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner Detail4

Stumpwork Skeleton-Fire Banner Detail1


Embroidered Handkerchiefs

8 Aug

I’ve jut finished up a ton of pieces for the show I have up at the Flightpath. I’m sharing the space for the month with Logan Cooper of Boots in the Oven and Andy Sams, both are exhibiting photography pieces. The show will be up until September 1st.

I’ve been picking up vintage handkerchiefs for the last several years whenever I come across them an thrift stores. I took a few and attached some hand embroidered sugar skull appliques I had made foe each individual piece. I struggles endlessly with attaching  the appliques as the hankie Fabric is not only thin but incredibly delicate due to age. I ended up ruining one…my favorite one…it was very sad.



So if you get  chance, swing by the Flightpath and check out our show.

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Crochet Skulls

19 Apr

I’ve been working on some valances for my windows made of connected rows of these adorable cotton crocheted skulls

two pretty skulls

For some reason these are easily the most annoying pieces I’ve ever blocked. You really had to work on pinning them correctly to get the look you want on the skull’s face, its quite simple to mess up and get something too goofy.

pinned down

White crochet skull

I’ve crocheted and blocked about thirty of these skulls in varying shades of off white. I’m still working out the pattern that allows them lay correctly when they are attached. My first attempt was no good, I underestimated how much the weight of the yarn would pull down and distort the skulls. I need to create a solid top with hooks. It shouldn’t be long now

lots of skulls

I’m very excited…I’ve decided to open an etsy shop. So, start saving your pennies to purchase my prettys. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

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D.I.Y. Cookie Cutters

19 Apr

I made my first cookie cutters today. I decided last week that I wanted to make some sugar skull shaped cookies to decorate with fondant, so I needed to make some custom cookie cutters. I picked up some medium weight aluminum sheet metal and cut it into strips a little over 1 inch wide using a pair of tin snips. I decided to go with the heavier gauge metal which was harder to work with, but they wouldn’t easily lose their shape with all the banging around in the kitchen.


I used a pair of pliers to bend the sheets into shape, I used my paper sketch as a guide. Then I just filed down the sharp metal pokies with a metal rasp. I don’t really want my cookie cutters to bite back.


I found some food safe metal adhesive and applied it to the overlap and secured them with a C-clamp


Then I waited 4 hours……


Next time I’m soldering them together. I’m going to get a soldering iron next week!
I ended up making a sacred heart one as well.


I’m waiting for its four hours to pass right now, as I only seem to own one set of c-clamps…


I can’t wait to try them out!
They are a not perfect, but I’m not too worries about it this time.
Tomorrow I’m going to experiment with rolled fondant on my pretty new sugar cookies. Fondant scares me a bit, but do not fear…I will win.

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